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About us

We are engaged in the sale of semi-trailers for more than 20 years. During that time, our company has sold several thousand technics units. We have earned the recognition of customers, most of them are our regular customers and recommend our services to their friends.This is a long-term guarantee of service. We offer the best semi-leading manufacturers, which are well known to all transporters from Poland as well as from Europe. requirements, so that the selected semi trailers become more reliable.
In addition to the equipment we have few additional options. This mobile shelves, additional offices for spare wheels, boxes of tools, etc.
To simplify the procedure of purchase, we offer our customers good financing conditions - the best leasing.

On our trading floor is always a large selection of semi-trailers.

Good symbol simplify the way for us.

NOTE: If all the above comment did not sound convincing to you, please ask for recommendations from friends buying our equipment, either contact us, and get more information about the activities of the firm, prices and Technology.

Regards collective VECO TRADE!